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We Need Your HELP! Give input on NMRT’s Strategic Plan

Please help NMRT by reviewing and providing feedback on our draft strategic plan… this is YOUR organization so let your voice be heard!!

Susan J

From the VP:

>> “Feedback Requested on Draft NMRT Strategic Plan”
By: Janel Kinlaw


The NMRT Executive Board have been drafting a 3 year strategic plan for NMRT based off the ALA 2015 Strategic Plan

The draft plan outlines core values for the first time as well as set goals with key objectives. This strategic plan will guide the current and future roundtable activities.

The NMRT Executive Board seeks your feedback on the draft strategic plan by Friday, April 20th. Please send your thoughts to Janel Kinlaw via email (

Previous discussion can be found here -> 


View the NMRT Strategic Plan here ->



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