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ALA Midwinter and Annual Council Documents

Hi all:

I promised a full link to the Council documents after Annual…. Have fun reading! 😉


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July 26, 2013 · 10:07 am

Council 3 — The Action

Ok…. after establishing a quorum, we have begun.

James Neal is first on the agenda reporting on the ALA FY2013 budget. (inserted later)
Jim also made remarks (as this is his last meeting as Treasurer)… these remarks I will link to as soon as they are posted: Regarding the future of ALA investing and ALA as a body. Great stuff!

COL & IFC: Resolution to replace the Edward Snowden/Bradley Manning resolutions.

Again… heated debate. This is actually one of the first times that a resolution passed by this body has been proposed to be rescinded. Some are upset by this… they think we need to go further than the resolution proposed (which deals with the problem rather than calling individuals out that have been whistleblowers). Debate for and against is happening now… WOW… one of the first times that ALA Council have rescinded a resolution by replacing it with another. ALA Council passed the substitute resolution brought forward by the Intellectual Freedom Committee and the Committee on Legislation. We also passed a resolution on recognizing the Government Printing Office as the lead agency in preserving the digital lifecycle of digital government documents.

We passed the resolution on 19.3 which states that we support librarians that are sued for doing their professional duty.

We are now considering reducing printing

15918 paid registrants 4319 complimentary exhibit passes and a total of 20237 + 6125 exhibitors – 26362… total

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Council 3 — The Final Day

The last day of ALA is upon us… the call to begin comes early this morning… 7:45 am!! the agenda is jammed packed with business of the association. We are under a time constraint since our closing speaker, Octavia Spencer (Actress and Author) will be speaking at 9:30 this morning to close out our Chicago 2013 conference. It has been a good conference and a very hectic one for me. Thank you again for the opportunity to be your representative on ALA Council! After the conference is over and a few days of much needed vacation, I will update this blog to give a little background and update the blog posts to give a little more information (especially for those that do not understand the interworkings of this huge organization.

We are beginning….

More Later!

Susan J

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Monday Morning — Council 2

Good Morning all:

Council 2 has begun …. Coffee in hand, snack and water… everything plugged in… I’m ready to go.

Council Forum (which was held last night) is a time for councilors to informally discuss and debate items coming to the floor the next day. This allows the movers time for input from others hopefully to decrease debate and time to edit. Last night was a great discussion on two rather controversial resolutions: 1) the Bradley Manning “Whistleblowing” resolution. 2) The Divestment of ALA in Fossil Fuel investments. Two others, there was a little discussion and suggestions taken on a resolution on Prayer at ALA Meetings and one commending the vital role of libraries during time of disaster.

Reports to begin…

They will be posted…. (these were routine action items for editorial changes mostly)


1st: Resolution on Prayer in ALA meetings — This is part of policy but it needs to be outlined. As we are a diverse, professional, secular institution, this provides for the freedom of and freedom from religion. This is a heated topic. There have been incidents of prayers being held under the auspices of ALA. This resolution will remind folks that we are a diverse group… but that we may have moments of silence… “The American Library Association, as a secular institution in a country that is increasingly diverse religiously, refraining having public prayers during its meetings. Moments of silence may be observed meetings.” Motion passed. The debate and amendments took a while!

Resolution in Support of Whistleblower Bradley Manning: Another heated discussion on tap…

“Resolved, that the American Library Association (ALA) opposes the prosecution of Bradley Manning

“recognizes Bradley Manning as a whistleblower who fulfilled to report war crimes under U.S. law and the Geneva Conventions.”

There is a motion to refer this to Committee on Legislation and Intellectual Freedom Committee ….

Next Resolution on Library Service to the Community in a Natural Disaster (will be posted) Passed

Next Resolution: “Resolution on Divestment of Holdings in Fossil Fuel Companies and Libraries’ Role in a Peaceful Transition to a Fossil-Free Economy” : I spoke at Council for the first time! YAY!! I think this resolution is short sighted and negative. I think we should encourage our Endowment Committee to make ecological responsible investments in the future and divest as is prudent for the financial health of ALA. Hope this makes sense. The resolution was defeated.

Next Resolution: New… to Move CD#39 (regarding rescinding our Edward Snowden resolution) and referring it to the Intellectual Freedom Committee and Committee on Legislation. Heated debate….

14466 registrants 5864 vendors for 20330 total

More tomorrow from Council 3! Stay tuned!

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