We Need Your HELP! Give input on NMRT’s Strategic Plan

Please help NMRT by reviewing and providing feedback on our draft strategic plan… this is YOUR organization so let your voice be heard!!

Susan J

From the VP:

>> “Feedback Requested on Draft NMRT Strategic Plan”
By: Janel Kinlaw


The NMRT Executive Board have been drafting a 3 year strategic plan for NMRT based off the ALA 2015 Strategic Plan

The draft plan outlines core values for the first time as well as set goals with key objectives. This strategic plan will guide the current and future roundtable activities.

The NMRT Executive Board seeks your feedback on the draft strategic plan by Friday, April 20th. Please send your thoughts to Janel Kinlaw via email (jkinlaw@npr.org).

Previous discussion can be found here -> http://connect.ala.org/node/158732 


View the NMRT Strategic Plan here -> http://www.nmrt.ala.org/notes/?p=158



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2 responses to “We Need Your HELP! Give input on NMRT’s Strategic Plan

  1. Diversity, should mention the historic context of people of color NOT being able to access information freely and in versions they can understand–multiple languages.

    Goal Area: Advocacy, Funding and Public Policy

    There should be a goal of increasing media production by libraries themselves. We have the perfect venue to market these productions once they are created. We should also be making media production tools available to our users.

    Goal Area: Building the Profession
    Goal Statement: ALA promotes excellence and diversity in the library field.

    WE should provide a gateway to the profession, by NOT only giving out scholarships–I earned my MLS in 2009 and have had nowhere to go since. As a person of color I have been told, and believed I would be able to get a job once I graduated–this has not been the case and has severely impacted my work in libraries–I am considering leaving libraries all together–and, without sounding vain–this is tragic for libraries and people of color who patronize libraries.

    It isn’t that I feel I “deserve” a job, just that it seems there has been little thought in this area–it seems most thinking has been centered around funding.

    Goal Area: Transforming Libraries
    Goal Statement: ALA provides leadership in the transformation of libraries and library services in a dynamic and increasingly global digital information environment.

    Libraries should be transformed into media production centers where people can learn about producing information literate media and also be able to use tools for the creation of this media. We should be the leaders in media-production literacy for the lay person.

    Goal Area: Member Engagement
    Goal Statement: ALA provides an environment in which all members, regardless of location or position, have the opportunity to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from engagement in their association.

    As a member, I feel totally disengaged. I feel that the only people who matter are those who can afford to travel nationally twice a year. That is horrible. We need to increase ALA local events around the county. ALA should partner with the State Library associations so more people can participate. Perhaps have ALA annual at the same time as State library conferences and have a video meeting room–where the entire group can meet virtually with colleagues in ALA around the country. I really feel ALA loses so much momentum from this issue. I was named an emerging leader, and also a Web Council Intern for ALA, but could do neither one because I could not afford to travel. And I really need these experiences so I CAN get a Librarian job!

    Big Audacious Goal:
    ALA builds a world where libraries, both physical and virtual, are central to life-long discovery and learning and where everyone is a library user.
    Vivid Description of the Desired Future:

    ALA should be collaborating with IFLA and other International organizations to take advantage of their work so that we may serve our Ethnic Minorities better. Thank you!

    Max Macias

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