Council II

Housekeeping issues began the morning. Due to the announcement of the Media Awards, the ALA.Org website was down so accessing documents was a little iffy.

New Business: A resolution to make sure reporting bodies report out within 30 days in order for transparency.

Edward Snowden Whistleblower Resolution: This has, in the past, been a very, very volatile issue. Whereas, most ALA folks want to protect whistleblowers, the Edward Snowden issue has been polarizing. Discussion continues. Some feel we must name Snowden in this resolution. Some feel that we have made a statement. Snowden, himself, has urged to look at the issue and not lionize the person. I agree (if we are to move forward on this issue). Not naming Snowden in the resolution seems to be the most palatable to the ALA Councilors. We have already passed a whistleblowing resolution in Chicago at the last Annual meeting. Just to let you know… I don’t stand up and speak a lot at Council Sessions. I have but… I choose to listen. I don’t speak a lot… Not because I’m shy but because unless I can add something unique to the conversation, I won’t just restate what others have said or continue to bring up. Just a personal aside. Here’s the resolved clause:

“Resolved, that the American Library Association (ALA) recognizes Edward Snowden, as a whistleblower who, in releasing information that documents the mass surveillance programs of the National Security Agency, has performed a valuable service in launching a dialogue about transparency, government surveillance, and overclassification.”

The resolution fails: It still is a divisive issue…. wow!

Other housekeeping issues…. and now we are done…

Announcements: FYI: 8398 registrants 3796 exhibitors for 12189 Total attendees.

Now on to Executive Board Candidates forum,…. More later!

Susan J


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