Council 1

Sorry for the delay but… the wifi was not working this morning. 😉 Ahhhh technology! We actually voted for councilors to allow to opt out of paper copies and then the wifi goes down! HA! Some folks are still not connected. This must get worked out if we are trying to go more paperless. It has always bothered me to see realms and realms of paper printed… only to be mostly recycled or thrown away.

This morning’s meeting began with stating rules and procedures, recognition of esteemed guests (including the presidents elect), announcing nominees for the Executive Board of ALA… and the normal housekeeping duties to begin our session …

Reports were also given from Keith Michael Fiels, the Executive Director of ALA, re: actions from the Executive Board in the interim between conferences and an update regarding the implementation of the 2013 Council Actions.

Once again, these will just be my reflections… all Council Documents in their entirety can we found here: Please see the agenda for Council 1 and coordinating documents at the link above.

ALA Council voted on establishing a communications task force to establish the best way (and venue) to post council documents.

The next resolution… to make sure all units report in a timely manner and be put in a place where members can access the information. Voted to Postponed until Council II

5583 advanced registrants
501 onsite registrants
8091 total
3761 exhibitors
11854 Total attendees

That’s all until the next meeting… in just a few minutes



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