Membership Meeting

Hi all:

All members of ALA are welcome to come to this meeting… but mostly it is a collection of ALA Councilors and ALA staff. Wish more members would come to hear at least a little about the assoiciation. We need to figure out some way that we can engage members more in this meeting. WARNING: These meetings are FILLED with report after report therefore my report on this meeting will be short. The reason for this is many of them are indepth budget reporting (which, I mean, let’s face it, can be a real snooze fest!)… So… for any council documents I report, you may read the full report at: Council Documents can be found here: I’m not going to have but a sentence or two to sum it up.

Kicking off the ALA Council “season” at the ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Meeting. Starting off with the President of ALA’s report … the biggest news is the Gates Foundation Grant… and also upcoming plans for the reimagining of ALA… more information coming soon.

President Elect’s Report (Courtney Young): Courtney’s report is to build in sustainability through Stripling to Young’s presidency. Courtney announces that she will be working on guiding the association through some of the major presidential initiatives that have been started in the past (i.e. Declaration of the Right to Libraries and Advocacy, etc).

ALA Executive Director’s Report: Keith Michael Fiels:

Appropriation Increase — 7 million dollar increase. Great news for the association!
Senate has sent out a committee version requiring an appropriate library resources for support.
Gates Foundation monies — in conjunction with Kitchen Table Conversations —
Why ALA brouchures
Working on a digital repository for ALA documents
RDA is ahead of projections
Renewal rate exceeded 100% — Laughter ensued

BARC (Budget Review and Analysis Committee): We are a healthy organization. Due to the expert staff and others to align resources strategically. See budget document on the ALA Midwinter link above (report #33)

Treasurer’s Report: Revenues increased…. grants, gifts, publishing — decreased numbers of ALA members… See Council Document on the ALA Midwinter link above — Assets rose… liabilities decreased.

Trustees Report: See Report — Discussion of endowments and planning. And Future? Hmmmm… speculative at best! 😉

There were 5583 Advanced registrants, 102 on site and x exhibit only = 7597 total
Exhibiters = 3664 for a total of 11261 total at ALA as of today.



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