ALA Membership Meeting

After a 10 minute break… we are BAAAAACCCCKKK!!

Maureen Sullivan went over the rules. We also have a revised agenda.

We have a quorum (We have to have at least 75 members in order to conduct business at this meeting)

We are standing in tribute to those colleagues and supporters who have died. I will list them later.

We also have 2 tributes to CALA (Chinese American Librarians Association) and Abba Alahdi.

First Resolution: (I’ll post) “Resolution on Divestment of Holdings in Fossil Fuel Companies and Libraries’ Role in a Peaceful Transition to a Fossil-Free Economy” … now the discussion begins (for and against)… It’s a very heated issue…. Members spoke for and against and made cogent arguments on both sides. The motion failed and will not move on to Council. 46-44.

Now… on to a resolution in support of Whistleblower Edward Snowden….. (posting later): Members are standing to speak for and against… motion carries and will be sent to council for consideration…

We are now adjourned until tomorrow morning!

Until then….
Susan J


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