ALA Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session

We are beginning the action of the ALA. This is the first session… I will try to attach reports to my blog once I get home. Please excuse grammar or spelling! Writing in the moment but will look back to clarify and correct as needed…. 😉

Today’s session will be reports for the membership. No action will be taken at this session.

It’s really a shame that more members don’t attend. You hear about the association and it helps dispel the mysteries of ALA. I’ll try to pass on as much as I can and hope to post the reports.

Maureen Sullivan, ALA President gave her report. is giving her report. The first Leadership Development program. 40 participants were selected.

Barbara Stripling, Incoming ALA President is giving her report outlining her agenda for the upcoming year. One initiative is the Declaration for the Right to Libraries… signings will go on around the country to support the local libraries. Second Initiative: Libraries Change Lives which will highlight Literacy…. highlighting what’s going on around ALA with literacy… Third… Community Engagement… To spread the news about our great public work. Continuing the work of the Digital Content Working Group to help us with our Digital Initiatives. Also there will be an Advocacy campaign for school libraries.

Keith Michael Feils, Executive Director, reiterated appreciation for the work of the Digital Content Working Group. Virtual Membership meeting attendance 400+ members from around the world attended. Looks like the Chicago conference is successful…. there are 439 programs, 984 meetings… the total is: 2792 programs meetings, etc… WOW! Attendance Figures: (as of Friday) 13950 registrants, 5700 vendor = 19,677 total.

Endowment & Trustees Report — Kate Nevins, reporting: Kate thinks we will really hold our own with our investments. (report to be posted later). The Endowment funds provide support for the divisions, scholarships, etc of ALA. The most controversial finding by the Endowment & Trustees report is it’s recommendation that we will not divest in Fossil Fuels (they reported about this in response to a question from the BARC committee — Budget Analysis and Review Committee). This is a heated topic and has been the topic of heated discussion in ALA Council before. Several members have risen in order to implore ALA Council to advise the Endowment funds investments. ALA Council is an Advisory Body… BARC advises the ALA Executive Board on fiduciary issues.

BARC Report: (report to be posted) — Looks like things are in a deficit (due to the economic downturn) — Adjustments had to be made (reductions) in order to have a balanced budget. 10% reduction in staffing (through attrition). Staff Development funds have been eliminated. Senior management took a 10% salary cut. BARC believed if revenue projections were positive, staff compensation need to be funded. Layoffs have been avoided… for now. BARC did not endorse the Fossil Fuel divestment. Neither did the Endowment Trustees.

Treasurer’s Report: Jim Neal reported on Strategic Issues that have impacted our FY2014 budget. Many changes/challenges have impacted us. We need to look at diversity in investment… membership numbers have reduced, we have had a downturn in publishing, etc. This has impacted us quite a big. ALA is looking at continuing education on line, electronic publishings, international community, our users and mergers and acquisitions. We must look at new technologies and systems (hardware and software) (Jim is outlining the ALA Budgeted expenses… I’ll post later). We are a reduced but still doing a great thing for the profession and our members!

We will now transition to the Membership Meeting… more in a bit…

Susan J


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