Last Council…. Council III

We are in the home stretch…last Council Session. Because it is a heavy, heavy agenda… we are starting earlier this morning.

After recognition of all those Memorial and Tribute resolutions (honoring the life and work of outstanding individuals) (they are not read but a moment held)…the election results for Executive Directors were announced. Executive Board Members elected were Sara Kelly Johns, James G. “Jim” Neal. Congrats to both!

Reports following. All passed with no problem…

Next Resolution: Membership Dues Proposal (from Executive Board)…

“Beginning in September 2013 and continuing annually through September 2017, personal member dues will be reviewed by the ALA Executive Board, which may approve a dues adjustment not to exceed the percentage change in the national average Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the previous calendar year, rounded to the nearest dollar. Any increase beyond the above provision proposed by the Executive Board will require approval by a vote of Council and a mail vote of ALA personal members.

This provision shall be formally evaluated by the Executive Board and Council in 2016 with input from ALA personal members. Any subsequent dues adjustment will require approval by a vote of the ALA Executive Board, Council and a mail vote of ALA personal members.”

Now.. debate… debate is including statements of support… but… still the idea of progressive due structure and worries about linking the membership dues to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) continues to come up.

The resolution passed…. now… the vote will come to YOU… watch your ballot. More information about this will come forward soon from me. I’ll try to post here.

Now… The resolution on Fossil Fuel: referred to BARC.

The Whistleblower resolution: referred to the Committee On Legislations and The Intellectual Freedom Committee.

Announcement of the petition candidates for Councilor at Large spots in the next election this spring.

Final tally for MW registration:

1075 6694 total (500 more than last year)
10731 total registrants

800 above Dallas 400 below San Diego.

On June 6th 3 – 4:30 CST — there will be an ALA Virtual Membership Meeting.

Meeting ADJOURNED! đŸ˜‰


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