Good Morning! It’s Monday Morning from Seattle…

Well… at least I THINK it is. Wanted to report a quick minute on things done since last I blogged.

VERY well attended Council Forum at 8:30 local time last night. Council Forum is a place where folks/committees putting forth resolutions can get advice and sort of get the “feel” of whether their resolution (as presented) will pass a Council vote. It is a very informative time and one where Councilors can easily express their opinions. It lasts until usually 10 local time and then time for bed for some of us “old” folks! 😉

Last night’s Council Forum included discussions on several proposals… two of the most highly discussed (and probably most controversal) were… the proposal to tie ALA Membership dues to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and a resolution to urge ALA to divest its portfolio from Fossil Fuel companies.

We’ll see the results today when these proposals are presented… As always, I will be blogging semi-live so that you can keep up-to-date with happenings. At least I’m hoping someone is reading these updates! 😉



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