Council I – Sunday am

Good Morning Tweeps and Peeps…

And a cloudy, rainy morning from Seattle Sheraton Ballroom…

Council I is beginning… 8:40 am we are beginning the announcements and introductions of special guests.

Council activities are run fairly smoothly and operates by rules we adopt. Eli (Pronounced “Ellie”) Mina is the ALA Parliamentarian. We have minute “recommendations” but is not meant to stifle debate or limit us. There are microphones all around the room for speakers to address the body from the floor. Lights at the front of the room warn speakers when their time to speak is over.

I THINK there are about 180 or so councilors that represent divisions, roundtables, and members at large.

We are now discussing the election of 2 members to the ALA Executive Board. The Executive Board represents the ALA Council by advising the ALA Executive Director et al between meetings. It is a very important job. Candidates are Daniel A. Berdaner, Peter D. Hepburn, Sara Kelly Johns, and James G. Neal. We will know who is elected by council by the end of Midwinter.

Council 1 mostly seems to be reports of “catch up”… Councilors are informed about members nominated for Executive Board (see above), actions that the Executive Board have taken “in the meantime,” report from the Digital Content & Libraries Working Group,” (some of these things I will link out later once the approved recommendations are published on

Break and good chance for networking….

We broke up into small groups to discuss the future of ALA… aspirations and results we would like to see. My small group (made up of 3 academic librarians, one school librarian and one special librarian) thought of many ideas that others brought up across the room. Here are some of the VERY raw notes of what our group talked about:

Small Group

Aspirations for future of ALA:

Relevance of Membership: Benefits — More Librarians state and nation. Keeping ALA vital: concern: Number of people that are out there that aren’t members of a national association — or state organization —
Value added membership — making connections — on the local/state level

Making ALA THE Organization for people to look to for innovation –

Look to ALA for continuing professional development

Disseminate better information about the toolbox that ALA already has

Better communication so that people will use more things that ALA has — communication to improve use of existing resources — don’t reinvent the wheel.

Advocacy — telling others what libraries do and how librarianship has changed

Sent out to different states

Marketing Campaign: Mass media — marketing to the average joe — Effort to make public service announcements — Reach out to Vendor for their help.

ALA end up being major player in legislative process related to schools, education, literacy and related topics. –major interest groups

Grassroots advocacy as well as top down in making connections and advocating – support for both.

Important results that you want to see

School Librarian in Every School
Show change in profession
Public Libraries being a top priority in local governments
More collaboration among different types of libraries — supporting resource sharing — and showcase successful collaboration efforts
Straight Forward messages — target it directly — when legislative initiatives wwwwwwwq- talking —
Advocating when the time comes (being aware of when legislation is pending on a local, state and national level) — who is showing up and advocating —
Quit talking… start doing advocacy — go to meetings…. send emails, write leters, etc.
Identify possibilities for easy inroads — explore possible connections
MW 5519 advanced, 978 onsight = 6497 attendees. 3866 exhibitors = 10,363

Council Forum I will meet at 8:30 pm in the Sheraton – Isaqua Room (3rd floor) — Council Forum is a good place to informally talk about issues that will be brought before Council at the next Council meeting. Councilors use this opportunity to express their thoughts about issues, bring up concerns and give advice to those bringing forth resolutions before Council. No official actions of council will take place at this meeting but it’s a good way to discuss in a more informal “forum” way.

We adjourned Council I … breaking for 5 minutes or so until ALA/APA Council Convenes. See this link for definition. All ALA Councilors also serve as ALA/APA councilors as well.

Until later….

Susan J


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