Resolutions Committee — and Now… Gearing up for the Membership Meeting

Part of my job as an American Library Association Councilor is to serve on committees. During my first year (and now, during my second year), I serve on the ALA Resolutions Committee. It is the job of the Resolutions Committee to vet resolutions by members of ALA to come before the Council at conference. We also give advice on resolutions to committees if they ask. So… we had a meeting today to make sure we were all on the same page for this conference. My colleagues and I will staff the Resolutions Committee table during this conference. My shift begins today after our Membership Meeting.

The Membership Meeting is a place where ALA members can come to hear about the work of the association. No actions are taken at this meeting but members will hear reports of what’s coming down the pike. The meeting is going on now if you want to attend (Grand Ballroom at the Sheraton).

Today, we will hear reports from The President, President-Elect and Executive Director (Maureen Sullivan, Barbara Stripling, and Keith Michael Fiels). We will also have reports by the Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC), ALA Treasurer’s Report, Endowment Trustees Report, ALA Nominating Committee report… followed by announcements. The Membership meeting will kick off the work that the association will do in the next few days (and our strategic directions).

More a little later!

Stay tuned!

Susan J


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