NMRT Executive Board Meeting

Hi all:

Just wrapping up the NMRT Executive Board meeting… we have been discussion what is going on at the Association Level (talking points to follow below), approved a preliminary NMRT budget (to be finalized this summer), discussed the future of NMRT Scholarship and Professional Grant funding, the upcoming discussion at ALA Council on ALA Membership Dues increase proposal, and promoting NMRT to potential and current members.

Thanks to our Executive Board liaison, Kevin Reynolds, here are some of the highlights of what has been going on in ALA:

Board Talking Points
Midwinter 2013

Midwinter update

Advance registration as of Friday January 88 was 5519 compared (at 1 week out) to 4823 for Dallas (2012) and 5180 for San Diego (2011).

110 have registered for the “day of service” event. This event was proposed in Think Tank (Facebook), picked up and organized and marketed by members across the country, with Seattle-area coordination by Councilor Ann Crewdson.

Inspired by the new OLOS toolkit on services to the homeless, members will be volunteering at Seattle homeless shelters.
School Libraries

Increasing support for school libraries is a top Association advocacy priority. Between local budget cuts and the anticipated reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the urgency has never been greater.

A Task Force on School Libraries, with membership from most of the divisions, is currently working on plans for a campaign to increase public awareness of the value of school libraries

Target audiences include parents and community members, educators and superintendants and national policy makers and elected officials.

At annual conference, 28,000 ALA members signed an online petition to the white house in support of school libraries. This shows the power of ALA members when we all work together.

Stay tuned for more information as the campaign gets underway this spring.
Dues Proposal

The Membership Committee has proposed that the ALA dues be tied to the consumer price index, with an annual review and approval by the ALA Executive Board.

Both PLA and ACRL membership have adopted similar models within the last couple of years.

The ALA dues proposal would result in small increases, which would take the place of larger increases, which has been the approach up till now.

With an average CPI increase of 2-2 1/2 percent a year, this would translate into $2-3 per year on average for a regular member, and perhaps a $1 increase for students, retired, unemployed, etc.

These small increases would minimize the effect on members, while allowing the Association to maintain its efforts in areas such as advocacy, intellectual freedom, research, diversity and other programs.

Any other increases beyond these CPI increases would have to be approved by the membership, as is currently the case.

This proposal will be discussed by the ALA Council on Monday at Council II, and if approved, will be placed on the 2013 ballot.

The last ALA dues increase was six years ago.

Digital Content Working Group

The DCWG has been very busy since the 2012 Annual Conference, working closely with ALA leadership and many units.

Two reports have been released: Ebook Business Models for Public Libraries and a correspondingScorecard, which provides framework for evaluating and comparing different business models

ALA has taken a more assertive position – PresidentMaureen Sullivan’s public statement protesting against Hachette’s price increase and the open letter to publishers that criticizes the inability to purchase some ebooks

ALA delegations have met with publishers, theAssociation of American Publishers, and the Association of Authors’ Representatives. Meetingshave involved educating and advocating for library interests and laying the groundwork for future cooperation.

ALA released a communications advocacy toolkit in November, which provides practical support for librarians to get op-eds or articles in their local newspaper and engage in other advocacy at the local level

A new Ebooks & Digital Content portal has been created on the ALA Transforming Libraries website

In 2013, the DCWG we will continue current effortswith publishers, but will also tackle other issues, such as self-publishing, publishers other than the Big Six, school libraries, accessibility and privacy. Work is underway in Seattle on specific priorities for 2013.

The group has heard from many ALA members and really appreciates the feedback and support.

Community Engagement Initiative

All around us, libraries of all types are discovering that as libraries look outward, they can make a dramatic difference in their communities.

Libraries that more actively engage with their communities discover new and innovative services, increase their relevance, and build deeper community support.

Last September, we announced the launch of a new national initiative called The Promise of LibrariesTransforming Communities, a ground breaking partnership between ALA and the Harwood Institute of Public Innovation.

Launched as a Presidential initiative and nowsupported through a grant from IMLS, the initiative’s goal is to provide thousands of libraries of all types with the tools and training they need to lead community engagement and innovation.

Supporting the transformation of libraries is a strategic priority of the Association, and the transformation of the relationship of libraries to their communities is a key component of this process.

Over the course of the next six months, we will be creating and sharing programs, webinars, tools and other resources that will allow every library to begin using community engagement in their local communities. Our longer term goal is to see thousands of libraries if all types using tested tools and techniques to increase their relevance and impact.

A series of conversations at Midwinter are the next step. A number of conversations and presentations at Midwinter will introduce participants to the Harwood and other community engagement models.

At the same time, ALA has already begun to work on using the Harwood practices to transform the Association. Beginning at Midwinter, we will be undertaking a series of community conversations within the Association and the many “communities” that we represent. The goal of this effort will be innovation and the transformation of how we work and relate to each other as an Association.

We hope you will become part of this initiative, and will be sharing information with you on a regular basisgoing forward.

New Diversity/OLOS Director

Michelle Harrell Washington will be joining ALA as the new Director of the Office for Diversity (OFD) and Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS).

Michelle is coming to ALA from the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries, has served as the Multicultural Services Librarian at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries.

Michelle will be here at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Seattle. We hope that you’ll welcome her to ALA!

15 by 15 Planned Giving Campaign

The goal of the 15X15 Campaign is $15 million in planned gifts by 2015

Since the launch of the campaign in June 2012, 10 people have joined the Legacy Society, bringing the total number of Legacy Society members to 37.

To date, more than $3.09 million in gifts have beenpledged

Planned giving is a great way to leave a permanent legacy by supporting programs that you care about.

Gifts may be designated for ALA, divisions, round tables, offices or specific programs and projects. It’s a great way to make a permanent impact on the Association, libraries and the people we serve!

For more information, visit the ALA web site or callALA Development Director Kim Olsen Clark.
Off to the Ebsco Luncheon…. more to follow.

Susan J


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