Welcome to my Blog

Hi all:

Susan Jennings here… your ALA NMRT Councilor until 2014.  I hope that this blog will be an effective way to communicate what is happening in ALA and with NMRT.  Please let me know how I can tweak and make this blog most effective for NMRT members.

Thank you for electing me to represent you!


Susan J



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4 responses to “Welcome to my Blog

  1. JKRowling

    I hope you will help demystify the inner workings (maybe lack of working) of ALA. I am in a round table and never understand how to make things happen in ALA. By the way, are you part of the librarian group that makes quilts for a scholarship fund that are auctioned at annual? I see from your tweet that you are interested in fat quarters… If you are interested in the group, find it on yahoo groups as biblioquilters

  2. jenningssl

    Sure… hopefully my board report will help some. I know, right? ALA can be so big and unwieldy…. As I have told folks before… join a roundtable (especially NMRT) if you are new to the bigger ALA so you won’t get as lost! Working with the roundtable or a section helps you understand the hierarchy so much better… and you get to know people on a personal level. My suggestion is if you have concerns… bring them up to your councilor or a board member for discussion at the board level. This is really one of the few ways to get things to bubble up. Attend an ALA Membership meeting at Annual (or read news coverage). Go with someone who has been around ALA for a while in case you have questions. Also… get involved… run for councilor…. it helps to see how things work as well.

    Thanks for the tip on the quilting! I made a quilt for the TN Library Association 2 years ago that we held a drawing for… it was a great experience! I’ll have to check out the groups you mention! Thanks!

    Let me know if you have any more questions!! Thanks for asking!

    Susan J

  3. Leigh

    Thanks for your blog – it is the beginning of understanding how ALA works, hierarchy, positions, etc. I have belonged to NMRT for over a year but had not a clue about councilors and much less about what happened at which meeting and the followup.

  4. Susan J

    Thanks Leigh and all… please feel free to ask anything… like I said… if I don’t know, I’ll be glad to find someone who does! Leigh… I lurked in ALA for about 3 years before I became involved. NMRT helped me find my niche and gave me the confidence to get involved!

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